Jeremy Corbyn is a womble.  He recycles speeches rejected by the 5 Labour leaders since Kinnock.  The current US Vice-President Joe Biden notoriously borrowed word for word from a speech of Neil Kinnock.  Corbyn, rummaging in the former Labour leader’s bin, plagiarized his cast-offs.  Any old rubbish will do for Jeremy.

Yet that speech, from the 2015 Labour Conference, also contained Jeremy’s stirring call-to-arms for a kinder, gentler politics.


Let’s see how that worked out.  How do his followers, cult-like in their idolization of the worst speaker in British politics – reminiscent of Trotsky’s aghast opinion of the mundane Stalin – respond to criticism of the honest and principled JC?

From the Jeremy Corbyn for PM Facebook page, 01-07-16.

MR: And if he’s bullied into resignation, how many of us will leave? I know I will…I could never support a party of backstabbers, liars and bullies.

SLHB: Deselect all those self-serving MPs who stabbed him in the back and hold by-elections in every constituency.

RDH:  Another Murdoch parrot.

JG: You’re clearly very stupid, right-wing or racist or all of these.

BS: They (the PLP) are just a bunch of scheming bullies. Put up your candidate or crawl back into the shadows.

LT: First thing you do is get rid of all those backstabbing ministers.

PC: Behind you all the way Jeremy Corbyn, you can lead us out of this conspiratorial mess, keep going!

BQ: JR been trolling this page for days ………….That is an absolutely DISGUSTINGLY LOW DIG !!! Admin of the page need to remove this person !!!

JW: Traitor Eagle…

JW: lets get rid of the traitors now!

RM: Paxman is a tosspot.

GW: If you could come out of the fantasy place that you are and make a viable statement, maybe just maybe you could learn something. Until then keep quiet.

GJ: Why don’t you just run along and post on the UKIP, or other ultra-right wing pages where your comments will be appreciated?

CH: Don’t let the self-serving bastards bring you down Jeremy.

FD: The monster! Pathetic woman! (Referring to Jewish Labour MP, Ruth Smeeth)

LT: Better than his backstabbing comrades methinks, and the positively evil Tony Blair.

This is the standard of rhetoric on a page which calls for JC to be the Prime Minister of the UK.  Presumably, those are the norms they wish to see as Jeremy bestrides the world stage.

Well, you can include me out on that.

h/t Michael Wilkinson & timesofisrael.com